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From new homes and offices to healthcare facilities and data centres, we help clients create valuable, sustainable places that offer more value to businesses, communities and individuals.

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As businesses and employees have changed, so has the office. Today’s offices need to be hi-tech, drive collaboration and offer social spaces for millennials. They need to be lasting sustainable buildings too.

The result? Ramped-up complexity for developers looking to create high-quality offices. We’re on hand to help you negotiate evolving demands and guide projects to completion – on deadline and on budget.


The future of

Ever-increasing competition. Layers of new regulation. Ever longer supply chains. Escalating pressure to build greater numbers of affordable homes and ‘destination’ communities. Homebuilders have never faced such a complex array of challenges.

We blend years of consulting on residential developments with up-to-the minute sector insight to help homebuilders deliver innovative, high-value developments.


A new frontier
for retail

While the rise of digital has changed shopping for good, bricks and mortar still has a critical role to play in the retail mix. Developers are locked in a race to find innovative ways to empower better shopping experiences and secure the future of ‘in-store’.

We’re here to help you deliver versatile, high value and future-proofed retail spaces efficiently, on deadline and on budget.

Student accommodation

The next generation
of student living

Developers and operators are facing that age-old problem: how to do more with less. They’re expected to respond to increasing student demands with sophisticated, social and ‘connected’ developments – all the while wrestling with rising construction costs and tired stock.

We can help you negotiate the complexity. Whether your project is Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) or a refresh of existing stock, we empower you to deliver great projects quickly and effectively.


A golden age for
hotel building?

Premium new developments. Converting historic buildings. Breathing new life into old spaces. Providing sustainability leadership. Transforming in-room experiences with digital. Today’s hotel developers are awash with exciting opportunities to innovate and grow.

But opportunity brings new challenges. We’re here to help maximise the opportunities of a growing market by making sure projects reach completion smoothly and on budget – and meet the needs of all their stakeholders.

Data centres

Next gen
data facilities

Demand for data centres is rising exponentially. The challenge for developers is this: how do you build a facility not just for today, but for tomorrow too? Against a backdrop of constant change and disruption, future-proofing data centres takes smarts and vision.

Whether it’s new data centres, conversions, substations or power lines, we help ambitious developers build next generation facilities on time and on budget.


Increased sophistication,
increased pressure

Developers in the healthcare sector have a dilemma. How can they bring more sophistication to projects, more meaningfully build patient needs into design and make better use of space – all without compromising budgets, attention to detail or speed to market?

That’s where we can help. Our healthcare expertise helps us run projects efficiently, use data to adapt and refine approaches throughout construction, and control costs.

Cultural spaces

‘Flex factor’

Today’s theatres, event centres, convention halls and music venues need to be inclusive. Hi-tech. Flexible and multi-purpose. And, increasingly, they’re expected to reflect the world around them in both form and function.

We help developers and investors balance an array of demands by empowering them to get ambitious, high quality cultural projects off the ground and completed efficiently and effectively.

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